ponedjeljak, 3. rujna 2012.

White blank page

   My summer days are gone, gone and I miss them already. The weather is still beautiful  sunny,calm and everything looks like it has not changed but then you realise that all your friend have gone and there is a certain smell of autumn in the air so once again we have to face the reality- so not ready for all of that!
   It was a beautiful summer time full of summer storys and new memories...

And so it is..


utorak, 14. kolovoza 2012.

ponedjeljak, 6. kolovoza 2012.

You have the wrong number

As I'm held prisoner in my on house because of Penny. Yes,  I became a mummy for the smallest cutest little kitten alive, soo I had no choice but to take some photos by myself (Penny is still to small for that, maybe in the future I can train her)
 I took some snapshots in my room while  Penny was a sleeping (I was struggling between Mima or Penny,too much  of " The big bang theory" watching )
Here they are or better here I am!
Poljubac od mene i Penny koja krmi u svojoj košarici

ponedjeljak, 30. srpnja 2012.

New in!

Yesterday I spend a wonderful and relaxing morning with my sister..and usually what happens in that type of situation I get involved in a carefree or pleasant shopping spree and this is the result of one..